Gynecologist Vienna

Gynecologist Wien

Our gynecologists in Vienna are available from Monday to Friday with a wide range of
appointments and a variety of specialties.

The range of services offered by our gynecologists includes:
routine gynecological examinations

  • preventive measures such as cancer screening
  • Consultation on HPV vaccination
  • contraception
  • menopausal problems
  • clarification and therapy in case of unfulfilled desire to have children
  • genetic counseling
  • pregnancy care
  • surgical gynecology and health supporting therapies
  • dysplasia consultation
  • Endometriosis specialists

Preventive health care cannot be started early enough and should be done at regular
intervals. Therefore, we also offer pediatric gynecology in Vienna, a First Love consultation
and other areas of gynecology.
Our gynecologists in Vienna speak different languages and are dedicated to your concerns
with confidence.


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